• Shantinatha Jinalaya at Nittur

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    Nitturina shanthinatha jinalaya-Shantinatha Jinalaya at Nittur

    Author:  Srinivasa A. G.

    Place: Nittur, Gubbi, Tumkur

    Nittur, according to the inscription of 1226 AD, was known by the name, Tenkanayyavale and was a major business center. The town houses a Shanthinatha jinalaya which is a Hoysala style basadi , built by one Mallisetti in 1219 AD. It was originally built for the first Thirthankara Aadinatha; the idol is not being worshiped now. Shanthinatha, the 16th Thirthankara is being worshiped at present. Beautiful sculptures of Yaksha, Yakshis, Ashtadikhpalakas can be seen here. The basadi is built according to the principles of Kondakundanvaya which is a branch of Pusthaka Guchcha of Mula sanga. There are many Nisidi inscriptions and memorial stones of people who sacrificed their lives by undertaking Sallekana. Author has explained in detail, the history, inscriptions and architecture of this Jinalaya.

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