Social Stature of Mothers during Hoysala Period

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Hoysala samaajadalli maatheyara sthana-Social Stature of mothers during Hoysala Period

Author:  Dr.  S. Malathi

Place: Valladahalli, Nelamangala, Avarehalli, Dodda Hobali, Elegunda 

The author has given details of various inscriptions of Hoysala period that state construction of temples, ponds and donations made by royals in memory of their mothers. Author presents an interesting study of these, to bring to light the importance given to mothers in the Hoysala society. There are also inscriptions which give information about temples/ponds constructed by the mothers in memory of their children. The study of these inscriptions gives us insight into social and financial status enjoyed by mothers in the society. The author cites an interesting inscription of Jakkabbe (the mother-in-law of King Vishnuvardhana) who constructs Shanthaleshwara and Boppeshwara temples at Elegunda in memory of  Queen Shanthala and her daughter Chikka Shanthale.

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