Someshwara temple at Hasarambi forest, Kalaghatagi, Dharwad

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Hasarambi kananada Someshwara devalaya-Someshwara temple at Hasarambi forest

Author:  Prof. K. C. Malligavada

Place: Hasarambi , Kalaghatagi, Dharwad, Karvar, Haliyala, Galagi

The articles brings to light the ruined Someshwara temple in the forest of Hasarambi built during Kalayana Chalukya period in 11th century AD. The temple has beautiful Linga and an inscription dated 1170 Ad which speaks about the donations made by one Sovagavunda during the reign of the Goa Kadamba King Permadi Deva. Author has explained in detail, the sculptures and architecture of the temple and calls for authorities to restore this beautiful ancient temple.


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