Stone chariots at Hampi and Tadapatri

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Kallina rathagalu shilpagalu -Stone chariots at Hampi and Tadapatri

Author:  Dr. K. Mahesh

Place: Hampi, Tadapatri

In this article, the author compares the stone chariots of Tadapatrhi and Hampi. Stone chariots are found in 5 places in India, the most famous ones are at: Konark Sun temple in Orissa and the one at Hampi in front of Vijaya
Vittala temple. Tadapatri and Hampi chariots were sculpted during the Vijayanagara rule. The chariot at Venkataramana temple of Tadapatri is older than the one at Hampi and depicts the earlier style and ornamentation. Both of these are basically Garuda Mantapas, shrines for Garuda, who is the vehicle of Lord Vishnu. The Hampi stone chariot had a brick and cement tower/gopura which was demolished during British era. This can be seen in a photograph taken by British officer, Alexandar John Green in 1856.


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