Stone Inscription from Gummalapura Gouri Shrine

Stone Inscription from Gummalapura Gouri Shrine

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ಗುಮ್ಮಳಾಪುರದ  ಗೌರಮ್ಮನ ಗುಡಿಯ ಶಿಲಾಶಾಸನ  – Stone Inscription from Gummalapura Gouri Shrine

Author:  Dr. Devarakonda Reddy

Place: Gummalapura, Sarjapura, Anekal

Gummalapura is 45 km. from Bengaluru, now in Tamilnadu. A stone record engraved on granite slab 2.40 mtrs tall and 0.4 mtrs broad is found in front of the local Gauri shrine. This Kannada record has 29 lines with line No. 18, 19, 26 and 27 damaged. It is of Vijayanagara times from palaeographic and linguistic point of view and is dated ’17- 11-1606′. When Emperor Venkatapathi was ruling from Penukonda, Immadi Kempegauda, son of Kempegauda, and grandson of KampaNachegauda was the ruler of ElahankaNadu. This ruler made a grant of village Malur to Nanjedeva, the head of Gummalapura Matha, which belonged to the tradition of Revana-siddeshwara of  Kollipakai. This Gummalapura Matha is a branch of Balehonnur Matha now. Nanjedeva was enjoying the status of guru to the Elahanka and Sugatur chiefs (vide ECX Kolar 64 dated 1614) . The text of the new inscription is published in the article. There are many temples in ruins around the village. Many of the known poets of Veerashaiva sect lived here. The Veerashaiva folklore is still alive in the region.

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  1. Hi sir my name is v.veera bhadra reddy.
    I found this type of language sotne in my field.
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    1. Sir please send the photos of the stone inscription and village name to 9880528407

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