Tank irrigation referred in inscriptions of Chitradurga

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Chitradurga jilleya shasanoktha kere neeravari-Tank irrigation referred in inscriptions of Chitradurga District

Author: Dr. T. V. Nagaraja

Place: Chandravalli, Hiriyuru, Monakalmuru, Chitradurga

Dr.Nagaraja, based on the inscriptions, has described the varieties of tank irrigation vogue in Chitradurga district. The usefulness of taxes like Bittuvatta for the maintenance of the temple has been described. The repairs and maintenance of tanks was a tradition, which was deemed as a social and religious and ethical importance. The same has been highlighted in this essay. In addition, how the officials use to deceive the higher authorities also has been noted. How tank irrigation in Chitradurga District was helpful to the Agriculture and life existence have been explained.

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