Temple of Ganga Dynasty at Kaadugudi

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Kaadugudi sthalada Gangara devalaya -Temple of Ganga Dynasty at Kaadugudi

Author:  Aadappa Pasodi

Place: Kaadugodi

In this article, the author has explained in detail, the architecture and history of Eshwara temple at Kaadugodi. He also examines the origin of the name Kaadugodi and gives details of inscriptions available in the vicinity.

The inscription at the temple speaks of renovation of the temple by a Chola chieftain Brahma Maarayan. The lord  is referred as ‘Raja Raja Bangeeshwaram Wodaiyar Mahaadevaru’ who is the chief deity of ‘Sannai Naadu’ which comprised of Kaadugodi,  Hudi and Pattanduru regions.

Another inscription is found at the burial ground, Kaadugodi, belonging to the rule of Rajendra Chola,  mentions the construction of Pattanduru lake and temples of Ganesha, Kshetrapaala, and Durga by chieftain Permadi Gavunda’s son Raja Raja Velan.

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