The Hero Stone inscription and sculpture of DoddaPalanahalli

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Doddapalanahalli veeragallu mathhu shilpa-The Hero Stone inscription and sculpture of DoddaPalanahalli 

Author: Dr. P.V. Krishnamurthy

Place: Kolala, Koratagere, Tumkur

Dr. Krishnamurhty has discovered an inscription in the area where Kumaraswami temple is present. The purport of inscription is that five heros of the village have fought in a war and died. The inscription probably belongs to early of the years of 14th century, lithographiclly (1343 A.D.) which is the period of Hakka and Bukka. (lithographiclly this period even can be preponed to the end of 13th century.) This hero stone has three stages of sculpture as found in the normal course. But the special feature is that a yati is worshipping linga and a dwarf figure is blowing a conch standing behind him.

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  1. It would be of great help to students of History if the inscriptions discovered are provided with translations.

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