The Kamateshwara Temple at Humcha

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Humchada Kamateshwara aparupada shailiya devalaya -The Kamateshwara Temple at Humcha

Author:  G. Sarvamangala, Translated to Kannada by K. Vasantalakshmi

Place: Huncha, Hosanagara, Shimoga, Shivamogga

Humcha near Shivamogga is a famous Jaina pilgrimage center and has rich history. The village has many temples and ruins from 8th century AD to 12 century AD.This was the capital of Santara kings who were feudatories of Kalyana Chalukyas. In the earlier centuries this place was part of Banavasi 1200 region and was ruled by Alupas.

The Kamateshwara temple at Humcha is a unique and beautiful temple which  appears to have been built during 8th century, and was restored in 1288 as per epigraphical evidence. The temple has only a garbhagriha and one sabha mantapa which is a later addition. The article discusses architectural elements in detail and also the sculptures on the walls and ceilings including the eight Dikpalas. The temple has depictions from ‘Panchatantra’ – the story of snake and the mangoose and the two swans carrying the tortoise. This temple seems to represent the beginning of Santra architecture.

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  1. fine

  2. Namaskara,

    Rarely we see any temple with this name, and i can re collect i have seen one in Bhoga nandishwara temple, ( in south east corner) by same name.
    I want to know the story/ behind this name ” kamateshwara”


    1. Sir, Kamata comes from the word ‘Karmata’. Kamateshwara temples are seen in many places across Karnataka mainly installed and worshipped by ‘Varthaka Shreni’ – Business Clan.

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