The Kashmiri Brahmins in Chikkamagalur

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Chikkamagaluru jilleya kashmiri brahmanaru-The Kashmiri Brahmins in Chikkamagalur

Author: Dr.R.Vasantha Lakshmi

Place: Shringeri, Kadur, Keresanthe, Chikmagalur

Dr. Vasantha Lakshmi has described the role of Kashmiri Brahmins who were settled in Chikkamagalur District, in the middle ages, in Karnataka. They were scholars in different disciplines and were responsible for economic, social and religious developments. The study of the roles played by Kashmiri Brahmins of Chikkamagalur help us to know the social-religious history of Karnataka during middle ages. The author has used the inscriptional evidences to derive these aspects.

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