The merchant group and Vyshnava religion at Manne

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Manneyalli Varthaka Shreni matthu Vaishnava Dharma-The merchant group and Vyshnava religion at Manne

Author: Dr. H. S. Gopala Rao

Place: Manne, Nelamangala, Bangalore Rural

Dr. Gopala Rao presents  a newly discovered inscription  about the annual tax to be paid by the eighteen Devabhogis, Nakaras, Padamoolas, Eighteen Shettiguttas and Gavares, Gatrigas of Manne. He derives a very interesting fact that this inscription may be the first one to indicate the presence of Shettiguttas at Manne and the period is considered to be of 10th century. Further, Shettiguttar 500 were also existing similar to Iyyavole 500 by 10th century itself. He opines, 18 prime towns of Ganga period may also come to light through this inscription.

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