The sacred well – ‘Japada Bhavi’ of Dambala

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Dambalada japada bhavi-The sacred well – ‘Japada Bhavi’ of Dambala

Author:  Dr. V. K. Dyamanagowda

Place: Dambala, Mundagari, Gadaga, Dharmapura

Dambala was a ‘Maha Nagara’ and known as Dharmapura, Dharmola, Dharmavolal as found in inscriptions of 12th century AD. The place has rich history and one can find temples and inscriptions of Kalyana Chalukya period. Temples of Dobba Basappa, Kalmeshwara, Someshwara  are found here. The ruins of  a Bouddha Vihara and Tara Bhagavathi temple can also be found here. In this article, the author  has given a detailed account of ‘Japada Bhavi’ , a historical tank in the vicinity. A 12th century inscription here  states that,  ‘No Thalavaara can use the yield from this farm and his duty is to protect the plantation. Otherwise he will be as sinful as slaughtering 1000 cows.’  The description as depicted in inscriptions has been furnished by the author.

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