The Sculptures of Ravaleshwara

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Ravaleshwara Shilpagalu-The Sculptures of Ravaleshwara

Author: R. Raghu

Place: Hemmige, T. Narasipura, Mysore, Nidaghatta, Kollegala

The author has described the characteristic sculptural features found at Hemmige, and says about the said to be Ravaleshwara culture which was spread out in Nidugatta, Kollegala and other places. The names of the deities viz., Rakasamma, MudiKondeshwara etc., are interesting. But one male figure to 4 hands and 10 heads and rams below this feet is attributed to the name Ravaleshwara and male fig with two hands holding the head in one hand is called Mudi Kondeshwara. The name of the deity itself probably indicates meaning. [Generally rams are associated with Veerabhadra and diety sculptures with head in left hand associated with Bhairava. Hence the feature of the sculpture found here may also indicate the elevation of family heroes to a deity figure with four hands and two hands with head and named it as Ravaleshwara etc. a practice among rural folk. These kinds of sculpture are also found in the museum. (Ed.)]

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