The tradition of Surapana among Kannadigas

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Kannadigara suraapaana parampare-The tradition of Surapana among Kannadigas

Author:  Dr. Joythsna Kamat

Place: Badami, Kolar, Seebi, Uttara Kananda

Dr. Smt. Kamat in this article, explains drinking habits which were in vogue among Kannadigas. She has given indetail how wines were extracted from corns, fruits etc., The article also cites from literary sources like Vikramarjunavijaya of Pampa, Chalukya Bhoolokamalla’s Manasollasa, Kalhana’s Rajahtharangini, Torave Ramayana of Kumaravalmiki, Mohanatharangini of Kanakadasa, Ramavijayakavya of Devappa Kavi, Ramanatha charite of Nanjunda Kavi etc., Inscriptions depict the scultptural representation of driniking habits and behavioural aspects of both men and women. The author also has compared the credibility of the drinking habit with the present trend. The habit which was occasional during ceremonies and has become a routine in modern times.

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