The two records of Nawab Hyderali period

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Nawab Hyderali kalada 2 dakalegalu-The two records of Nawab Hyderali period

Author: Dr. Keladi Venkatesh Jois

Place: Keladi, Sagar, Shimoga

The author draws our attention to one Narasappaiah who was the Dewan in Nagara Division during invasion of Keladi, by Hyder Ali. Bidenur, the capital of Keladi was modified as Nagara, where in Subhabhatta & Shambhatta was given asylum by Narasappaiah. His personality has been described based on Mackenzie’s record. The dewans, officers have also been noted in the nirupa issued in that period. These records furnish the history of Keladi after 1763, administration and revenue system during Hyder Ali’s regime.

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