A Tamil Kaifiyat ‘Dodda-devaraya Charitre’ from Colonel Mackenzie’s Collection

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Mackenzie’s Tamil Kaifiyat ‘Dodda-devaraya Charitre’

Author: Dr. Tamil Selvi

Place: Madras

The author has presented the contents of a hand written Kaifiyat owe to Mackenzie’s collection of  Tamil palm leaves, an unpublished record. The content of the record in brief is that the Devaraj Wodeyar of Mysore Royal dynasty, whose reign started in 1659 faced many tribulations and had to fight the wars to retain his power and throne. In particular his success against Shivappa Nayaka of Keladi who tried to capture Srirangapatna the capital, has been highlighted in this record. The author has given a comparative look referring to various literary and historical sources with regard to the contents of the Kaifiyat.

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