• Bangalore-Nagarathnamma -A Symbol of social and artistic valour

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    Bangalore-Nagarathnamma -A Symbol of social and artistic valour

    Author: Dr. B. Leela

    Place: Bangalore

    Dr. Leela has described the personality of the great author, singer Nagarathnamma. In the male dominated society, how Nagarathna has rebounded all hurdles and achieved her ambition has been effectively described. In particular, the publication of ‘Radhika Vasantavanam’ of Smt. Muddespalini was a challenge to Nagaratnamma which she met successfully in spite of opposition by the stalwarts like Veeresha Lingam Pantulu, since it was written by a devadasi, being a romantic poem pertaining to love of Radha-Krishna. Nagarathnamma has donated all her assets to ‘Thyagaraja Samadhi’, a sacred place where she fought her tooth and nail to provide a chance for women singers which was a prestigious devotional attribute which was not allowed in earlier period.

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