Kannada Script during Hoysala Period

Hoysala Script ( 11th – 13th century AD)

One of the most decorative form of ancient Kannada script. The Hoysala Kings used Kalyana chaluyka script in a more decorative and cursive manner. The present day Kannada script almost resembles scripts used in Kalyana Chalukya and Hoysala Script. Soap stones were used during this period which is also one of the reasons of the cursive nature of these scripts.

Hoysala Script
Hoysala Inscription of Ballala the II at Belur, 13th AD

Hoysala Inscription of Ballala the II at Belur





Above pictures show a beautiful Hoysala inscription at Akkana Basadi at Shravana Belagola constructed by Aciyakka, wife of minister Chandramouli of Hoysala King Veera Ballala II in 1181 AD.

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