• Our Village Our History

    Here is an opportunity for you to explore where you are from, which part of the state you belong to and what is the historical significance of your birthplace or home town.

    The Academy has undertaken the task of creating database of all villages, towns across Karnataka under the project titled ‘Namma Ooru Namma Itihasa’ – “Our Village Our History”

    The objective of this project is to record for posterity a curated, visual and narrative based archive that traces the social, cultural, historical and religious significance of one’s village or town. This will be a record of the history of different places as experienced and remembered by individual members of the society.

    If you are already aware of the historical significance of your ancestry, birth place or ancestral village, or the village/town/locality you live in, or a place you have visited, please do share the story with photographs. Article can be written in Kannada or English. Please email the write up to


    Please try to include the following facts about the place when writing the article.

    1. Name of the place – Grama, Hobli, Taluk, District
    2. Distance from Taluk Center/Nearest Town
    3. How to reach, mode of transportation, if possible include map and distances
    4. Local history
    5. Any Purana/Mythological stories associated with the place
    6. Folk tales of the place
    7. Pre-Historic ( Stone Age ) tools, rocks, drawings, dolmens in the area
    8. Old temple, sculptures, idols
    9. Temple drawing, architectural details
    10. Hero stones
    11. Inscriptions
    12. Any historical heritage structures in conditions that require immediate attention from the authorities.
    13. Lodging Facility (reasonable hotels to stay)
    14. Photos with good resolution
    15. Resource person/contact person who knows he locality/history
    16. Your phone number
    17. Your email address
    18. Credits: Reference books, articles, research papers, internet links

    All entries will be reviewed by Historians of repute from the Academy. The Academy reserves the right to publish selected narratives after editing for clarity, length and historical accuracy. The contributors of the selected narratives would be duly acknowledged.

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