• Pallava Nolambas of Dharmapuri

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    Pallava Nolambas of Dharmapuri

    Author: S. Paramashivamurthy

    Place: Dharmapuri, Tamilnadu, Hemavathi, Madakashira

    Sri. Paramashivamurthy traces the political history of Palava Nolambas at Dharmapuri, which was part of Karnataka bearing its original name as Tagadur. The author also indicates the reign of Gangas, later of Cholas and migration of Nolamba Pallavas to Bidaruru, Nelamangala Tq., Gulur of Kolar district since  surpassed by Cholas. The author presents that Singarasa of Arasikere has installed a Kalidevara temple at Kalikatte. He has all given the dynasty tree connecting the missing links from Irulchora up to Arasikere Singarasa.

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    Is this document also available in English? Would appreciate if you could share a copy of this.


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    Can I get a copy of this document in English?

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    I shall be grateful if English copy of the article is made available.
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