Types of Temple Pillars in Karnataka

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Karnataka devalaya sthambhagalu-Types of Temple Pillars in Karnataka

Author:  Dr.  V. Anuradha

Place: Bangalore, Kolar, Gangavara, Devanahalli, Kudlur, Chennapatna, Begur, Manne, Nandi, Aavani

The article details the designs of pillars as prescribed in the ancient vastu scriptures like Mayamatha, Maanasaara, Kashyapa Shilpa, Shilparathna, Kaamikaagama, Eeshana Gurudeva Paddathi. The author lists around 30 designs of pillars mentioned in these books. She has given details about how various dynasties in Karnataka (Ganga, Nolamba, Chalukyas, Hoysala, Vijayanagara) have incorporated these guidelines in carving the pillars of their temples. Each of them have used unique style and ornamentation. Based on the designs of pillars, one can differentiate and identify the dynasty and the time period of a temple or a porch.

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